A human-centred approach to culture, wellbeing and finding purpose at work

HumanFirst was born out of the belief that the old ways of working, are no longer working.

The 9-5 office paradigm has shifted as people seek more balance and meaning at work, while increased reliance on technology has disconnected us and burnt us out. Organisations are now taking more responsibility for the role they play in people's lives as our relationship to the way we work continues to shift.

The future of work means becoming HumanFirst - acknowledging our shared humanity and the innate human needs & behaviours that influence the way we operate and engage with others.


What We Do

Coaching, training & workshops to reconnect us with our humanity, increase self-awareness and improve our workplace mindset


Guide individuals who are looking for a way of working that is in line with their needs & values


Support organisations to build a human-centred workplace and improve culture and wellbeing


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About Us

We are a female-founded initiative reshaping the way we work to be more in line with our human needs & values. Our programs are built on years of experience learning what behaviours damage an organisations capacity to be productive, and what is needed to improve employee engagement, retention, culture and wellbeing. The unique aspect is that we approach these topics through a human-centred lens, looking at the way humans operate within work environments and the ways that we can create a supportive community ecosystem.

We offer human-centred training programs for organisations along with coaching for individuals struggling with their work.


The humans behind HumanFirst™



Sydney, NSW, Australia

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