Beyond table tennis & office beers, the future of work requires a change of mindset and deeper alignment of our human needs & values


Out with the old, in with the new

We‘re on a mission to ditch old, ineffective workplace practises that devalue our energy & output and reshape organisations to be built on human values.


Our Programs


Become a HumanFirst™ certified company


Mentoring & coaching for teams

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Book A Human To Human Chat

1:1 call to discuss your needs

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone, and get a little more information! We are here to support you with a chat to discuss where you're at and what you're looking for. Feel free to book a time that works for you.


We only work with the best

HumanFirst™ certified companies are of the highest standard when it comes to purpose, humanity and social responsibility within organisations


Position yourself as a leader

HumanFirst™ certification is only awarded to organisations of the highest standard. Receiving this honour cements your position as a leader in your field

Enhance your employer brand

Improve the attractiveness of your company to potential employees. The best talent now searches for human-centred organisations who value their people

Improve culture & wellbeing

Receive guidance and insight on how to build on your company culture and promote a sense of connection & wellbeing


Being HumanFirst™ means

  • You see employees as people first and understand their needs

  • You provide a safe, fair and inclusive place of work

  • Your business strategy is aligned with human needs & values

  • You are purposeful,  socially responsible and aware of impact

  • You operate with empathy, compassion and humanity


The humans behind HumanFirst™



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