About HumanFirst™

The HumanFirst™ initiative is revolutionising the way an organisation is run. Following the events of 2020, we are entering in to a new business landscape and starting to see that the old ways of working are no longer working for us. People demand more from organisations, while employees and customers have new & different needs. The future of business is calling for a return to human values. For companies to operate from a human-centred organisational structure, where the people who drive the operation are recognised as much as the people who buy from it. The companies that don't take responsibility for their place in the world are being left behind, while the ones who acknowledge and value their inherent humanity are the ones that are thriving.

The HumanFirst™ Initiative exists to recognise and support companies who are socially responsible, leading with purpose and built on human values. 


Why this initiative is needed

Since the world was shaken up in 2020, the way we work has shifted. Traditional frameworks are crumbling and no longer feel conducive to productivity, growth and ultimately profit & success. Organisations need fresh thinking and a new approach to old problems.

In the words of Jack Welch (Chairman of General Electric) "Change, before you have to".



Widespread fear and uncertainty has caused mental health issues and sparked a cultural/values shift toward seeking more meaning & purpose from work



Increased reliance on technology and remote/virtual working requires us to re-assess the role of tech at work to ensure it supports rather than dominates us



Drive to achieve targets while adapting to a new landscape - the pressure is on management to address employee needs while efficiently managing workflow


The Humans Behind HumanFirst™

  • Beth is a consultant, writer, and founder of the HumanFirst™ initiative

  • Born in Melbourne, raised in Sydney, she also lived in Germany for 10 years

  • 18 years work experience at a range of companies from publishing houses to advertising agencies to tech companies, in high-level, team lead positions

  • She developed the blueprint for a successful culture & engagement program for Delivery Hero 

  • Her experience spans all stages of growth including: early stage start-ups, company acquisitions and leading a team through an IPO process

  • Nominated for the Masters of Marketing (UK) "Rising Star Of The Year" in 2017

  • She is most at home on the beach and has recently relocated to the NSW coast to balance work with a laid-back lifestyle

  • Trained as a Meditation & Yoga Nidra teacher, she hosts sessions in her spare time

  • Her expertise lies in her empathetic approach and deep understanding of human & behavioural patterns in the workplace


  • Charlotte is an innovative sustainability leader and founder of The Sustainability Collective

  • 2 x Gold Banksia Award Winner

  • Fishburners Sustainability Expert in Residence 

  • Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project

  • She spent a year, immersing herself in the culture and environment of the remote island of Vanuatu, where she discovered a passion for creating positive change for people and the planet

  • She has 10 years of domestic and international industry experience and developed Founder Institute’s first sustainability accelerator program 

  • An advocate for social change, she is on the Board of international charity organisation One Wave

  • Her passion lies in supporting organisations to become more ethical, responsible and aware of their impact on society

  • She has personally developed and curated the "social responsibility" chapter of the HumanFirst™ certification program



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