About HumanFirst


We believe in doing business in a human-centred way. Returning to our inherent needs & values and building businesses from a truly authentic place.


What We Do


Support people who:

  • Feel dissatisfied with their 9-5 but don't know what to change

  • Want to build out their business/project idea but need actionable support

  • Have work-related issues e.g. career transitions, negotiations, colleague relationships & office politics

  • Struggle with fatigue, anxiety and managing work or entrepreneurship-related stress

Support organisations who:

  • Have wellbeing or burnout issues within their workplace

  • Need to boost culture & connection between employees

  • Are experiencing a dip in employee productivity, engagement or retention

  • Want to build a healthy, human-centred workplace but don't know where to start


Our Story

Our founder Beth James spent 18 years working at organisations experiencing a range of things including: being an intern "coffee runner," difficult bosses, salary negotiations, toxic work environments, rising up the ladder to head of department level, transitioning roles, managing people and navigating office dynamics/politics. Her career in branding, marketing & startups gave her a deep knowledge of business development and building brands. In 2017 she was nominated for Rising Star of the Year in the Masters of Marketing Awards (UK) and the following year she led a team through a successful IPO.

However after more than 15 years she was on the verge of burnout which led to a 5 year long healing journey that included detox retreats, plant medicines, sound healing, studying breathwork & meditation in a Balinese ashram, spending time at a Buddhist monastery, energy healing and so much more. She became certified in Tantric Hatha Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra and accumulated more than 450 hours of Yoga Alliance certified training. 

It was the culmination of these experiences that inspired Beth to create the HumanFirst Initiative. When reflecting on this period of her life she realised that so much of her time had been spent working in a way that was out of sync with her humanity. She wanted to change the way we work and use her business knowledge to help people build their projects & companies in a human-centred way. 


About Beth

  • Began her career in the fashion industry as a wide-eyed intern with a dream of becoming Anna Wintour (Editor in Chief - US Vogue)

  • Worked in magazines and travelled to locations like Greece, Mauritius and Fiji to do photo shoots

  • Felt a pull to learn more about marketing and took on a Business Marketing Diploma, studying at night while holding down a full time job

  • Worked at some of Australias top advertising agencies leading client accounts like Heineken, Subaru & Levis where she routinely worked in the office past midnight

  • Backpacked solo through 8 countries in Europe 

  • Felt a spark with Berlin, Germany and spontaneously decided to make a life there - ended up staying for 10 years

  • Worked at a number of prolific tech startups in Berlin, supporting organisations with branding, culture/engagement and scaling their business

  • Worked for a tech "unicorn" and led a team through a successful IPO

  • Managed multiple marketing departments & culture/wellbeing teams

  • Created a culture & engagement program for a major European tech company that became the blueprint for employee engagement and was rolled out across more than 25 markets

  • Trained in Tantric Hatha Meditation, MBSR (Mindfulness), Yoga Nidra & Pranayama and accumulated more than 450 hours of certification



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