About HumanFirst


Our Vision

To reshape the world of work to be more in line with our human needs & values. ​

Our Mission

Deliver support & guidance to individuals and organisations who want to find healthier, more human ways of working.

What We Offer

Coaching, training & workshops to help you get clarity on internal issues and develop a human-centred approach to the way you work.


The old ways of working, are no longer working

The events of 2020 sparked a cultural/values shift that drove people to seek more balance & meaning from their work. In 2021 we witnessed The Great Resignation unfold as large numbers of  people left their jobs in search of a deeper purpose. The concpet of work, what it means and what we seek from it is changing rapidly. The old systems are crumbling, the expectations, working 9-5, feeling like a "slave to a company", all these things are driving people away from their workplaces. 

We need to remodel the way organisations are run and explore the role they play in a persons life. We need to go beyond quick culture fixes and ask questions like "How do we relate to each other?" or " How can we cultivate a way of working that feels more in line with our humanity?".

 It's time to ditch old, ineffective workplace practises that drain and devalue us and rebuild organisations with humanity, authenticity and purpose.


The Humans Behind HumanFirst

  • Beth is a consultant, teacher, and founder of the HumanFirst™ initiative

  • Aussie born, lived in Germany for 10 years

  • 18 years work experience at a range of companies from publishing houses to advertising agencies to tech companies, in Head of Dept & C-suite roles

  • Developed blueprint for a successful culture & engagement program for Delivery Hero (Europe)

  • Nominated for the Masters of Marketing (UK) "Rising Star Of The Year" in 2017

  • Her experience spans all stages of growth including: early stage start-ups, company acquisitions and leading teams through IPO

  • Passionate about personal growth & wellbeing - trained as a Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Breathwork teacher

  • She is most at home on the beach and has recently relocated to the NSW coast to balance work with a laid-back lifestyle

  • Her expertise lies in her empathetic approach and deep understanding of human & behavioural patterns in the workplace



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