Be recognised as a modern leader who is paving the path to a better future


How It Works


1:1 interviews with HumanFirst™ team and key stakeholders to discuss your workplace practises & operations


HumanFirst™ team review and assess criteria


Meet 90% of the criteria and become officially certified as a HumanFirst™ company


Book A Human To Human Chat

1:1 call to discuss your needs

Sometimes you just need to talk to someone! We are here to connect on a personal level "human to human", to discuss where you're at and how we can support you. Feel free to book a time on the Calendly link (see left).


What Becoming HumanFirst™ Means For Your Organisation


Being HumanFirst™ certified means you are of the highest standard when it comes to purpose, humanity and social responsibility within organisations. 


Be publicly recognised

Be officially verified as a leading organisation and gain public exposure & recognition for the good work you are doing

Boost your employer brand

Cement your status as a modern leader in your industry and establish a framework that will attract & retain the best talent

Enhance your culture

Understanding the HumanFirst framework provides insight and guidance on how to energise and amplify your culture

Stay ahead of the game

HumanFirst companies are a new breed that are paving the way for the future of work


How It Works


Register your business by booking a free "human to human" chat, using the Calendly link above


Choose the certification process you prefer, options include: self-managed questionnaires or internal research run by the HumanFirst team


Upon meeting 90% of the criteria, you will become officially certified as a HumanFirst™ company, including license to use this accreditation publicly


How To Amplify Your Status

Using HumanFirst™ certification to promote your business

Once you are officially certified, we provide a guidance package with information on how to promote your new status and the good work you are doing. Some examples include:

  • PR/media outreach (with stories & examples of your unique approach)

  • Website update with info that explains how culture is HumanFirst™

  • Recruitment materials

  • Social media content

  • Internal team events, workshops & discussions


HumanFirst™ organisations are the leaders of tomorrow

They are the ones that people want to work at, buy from and associate with. Becoming HumanFirst™ validates your leading qualities and paves the way for greater productivity, creativity and innovation.



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