Cultivating Connection

Strengthening bonds between employees in the workplace

One of the greatest hinderances to an organisations success is the level to which their employees feel bonded or connected to each other. Disconnection breeds frustration, resentment and contempt. Companies where employees do not feel close to each other will find a less than motivated workforce, who struggle to show up authentically at work, let alone be productive.

As humans we need to feel connected to our peers. By nature, we are social creatures who thrive on interaction with fellow humans. It is exactly this element of our inherent nature that has been threatened/damaged over the last years of the pandemic. With lockdowns, social distancing restrictions and an increasing reliance on technology to interact, we are collectively more disconnected than ever. The rising number of mental health issues can be largely credited to this phenomenon. Humans are naturally social and to thrive we need to have healthy, authentic connections with the people around us.


Our Workshop

We offer a powerful, paradigm-shifting workshop called "Cultivating Connection" that is designed to break down traditional work barriers and create deeper, genuine connections between employees

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Recognising our humanity

Acknowledging our needs & behaviours within the context of the organisation

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Learning the art of authentic connection

Communication tips & tricks to authentically connect with others

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Interactive Exercise

A memorable interactive exercise that invites employees to connect with each other on a deeper level

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Exploring ways to integrate these learnings in to the every day workplace