Helping you build a human-centred business

We get excited about making business more human. We've had enough of the Industrial Revolution style model of work-sleep-work and believe that every person deserves to feel connected to and passionate about their work or business. If you have been trudging through the day, dreaming of doing something bigger or better, you have come to the right place. We help humans take action on their dreams and build an aligned business, and support organisations to find a more human-centred way of working.


What We Do

Help you structure your business around  your unique human blueprint

Give you clarity on what might be holding you back so you can take action on your dreams

Help companies reconnect their employees on a human level and work in a more natural, coherent way



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1:1 Coaching for Individuals

In-depth, personalised support to help you activate your business in line with who you truly are

Training & Workshops for Organisations

Guidance for organisations on how to relate to their employees needs and be more human

Nervous System Support

Breathwork & meditation techniques to support you with balancing the demands of work & business


We're all about:

Going after your dreams.

Doing work that you actually want to do.
Finding your purpose.

Creating human-centred workplaces.

Getting in to the flow state.

Work life balance.

Bringing your vision to life. 

Making work, work for you.


About Beth

Beth James is a strategist, teacher and founder of the HumanFirst Initiative. She has more than 18 years experience developing countless brand strategies, leading marketing departments and building a successful employee engagement program for a European tech “unicorn”. Additionally she is a certified Meditation, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra teacher with more than a decade experience in healing & wellbeing practices. It is her unusual combination of skills that sets her apart. She combines a sharp, analytical mind that effortlessly crafts strategies and business development plans with a deep level of empathy and intuition. She has an ability to point out blindspots and gently guide a client back to the truth of who they are so they can creatively expand from a place of connectedness and truth. In her work, she ensures people feel deeply seen and heard while receiving practical tools & guidance to build their business.



Some kind words from clients

Beth has such a personable and relatable approach and I really felt she understood me. I felt seen and heard, not just in my vision, but as a person. Which is why our sessions go much deeper than surface level. From the onset, Beth really helped to steer and navigate the direction in which my business branding should go. Asking all the right questions and not only getting to the crux of my vision, but also highlighting some personal obstacles which I never even saw. After my time with Beth, I feel that I really have a much more clearer directive in where I’m heading.

Elizabeth Brown, Yoga Teacher & Feminine Embodiment Coach

The idea behind my project started over two years ago but it did not crystallize until I started working with Beth. She was absolutely critical in helping me dig deep down so that I could find my core and stand wholeheartedly behind this initiative. With each session, I found my thoughts becoming clearer, my voice stronger and louder. I'm a big believer that we all have the answers within us. Sometimes, however, we just need the right person to help us tap into our potential so we can let go of our fears and take that first step.

Alex Suarez - Relationship & Sex Counsellor @ On Love & Sex

Beth guided me on how to create an identity as a communication specialist and develop my skills and online profile accordingly. She is strategic, knowledgeable and empathetic in equal measures. Her ability to see the (your) big picture mixed with action-centred thinking helps you not only become very clear on the direction you need to head but also make considerably more progress than you would do on your own. Her feedback, suggestions and focus encouraged and more importantly motivated me to get back on track. If you are thinking of a new or change in career, then a reach out to Beth is a must.

Secil Honeywill - Writer, Director & Producer @ Write Now Berlin

Beth created a warm, calming and safe space for me to be entirely authentic. She asks insightful and often spiritual questions that encouraged me to think in different ways & help me gain greater perspective. Initially I was nervous to be completely vulnerable and honest about my thoughts, but she quickly made me feel confident and really excited about my future. She followed up our session with an in depth overview of everything we discussed with links for further reading and ideas for me to structure my future plans. I would 100% recommend working with Beth!

Jen Bailey - Collage Artist & Social Media Manager



Don't hesitate to reach out to Beth.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

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