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Breathwork & Meditation Coaching


Overcome anxiety and let go of stress

Break free from unhealthy habitual patterns​

Soothe your nervous system

Increase mental clarity

Discover the power of the breath and build your own personal practice


What does a private session look like?

Together we practice various breathing techniques to release tension and stuck emotions within the body/ mind. The practices are gentle & subtle, this is not an intense, holotropic style of breath. Session includes:

  • Intro to breath/anatomy of breathing

  • Customised breathwork practise dependent on your needs

  • Guided meditation

  • Coaching/support with building a breath & meditation practice that you can take and use every day 

You walk away feeling calm and deeply connected to yourself while also receiving personalised tools & guidance to create your own home practice.



Frequently Asked Questions about Private Breathwork & Meditation Classes

What type of breathwork & meditation do we practice?

I practice a very gentle style of breathwork that draws on pranayama techniques from the Tantric Hatha lineage. This is not intense holotropic or Wim Hof style breath - it is slow, subtle and gentle. We may try a more activating breath if this is what your body calls for but this will only happen if it feels right & comfortable for you.

Do I need to have experience with breathwork or meditation?

No experience necessary. I will meet you where you are at and provide extra support for beginners or create a customised approach for more experienced people. All levels are welcome and will benefit from this practice.

What do I need to do or bring to prepare for the session?

You just need to bring yourself! And wear comfortable clothes that you can breathe in. There is no preparation necessary except for a questionnaire that will be shared prior to the session that asks you a to get clear on your intention and what you would like to work on.

Are sessions in person or online?

Both! Sessions are predominantly held online via Zoom however in person sessions are available for people in the Mid North Coast of NSW (from Taree to Bellingen).



Sydney, NSW, Australia

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