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Connect with your people.
Build a community environment.
Embed human values into your workplace.

Our programs are built on years of experience learning what works and what doesn't in organisations. What we have discovered is that the companies who create a human-centred environment, where people feel seen, valued and understood are the ones that succeed. Our workshops & trainings support organisations with reconnecting employees on a human level, building a community-minded ecosystem and addressing human needs in the workplace.


What does it mean to be HumanFirst?

A HumanFirst organisation values it's people above all. It sees them for who they are not just the job they do. It makes space for employees to learn and grow while creating psychological safety so they can be themselves. It listens to it's people and looks at every problem through a human lens. It fosters genuine human connection and supports people when needed.

A HumanFirst organisation is the blueprint of the future of business, it is what people are calling for and where they thrive and are able to do their best work.

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What I've learned in 18 years of working

Where the concept of HumanFirst evolved from and why humanity in the workplace is so important


HumanFirst Workshops

Inspiring workshops that make a lasting impression on employees


Cultivating Connection 

Strengthen bonds between people by cultivating genuine, human-centred connections

Stress Less

Combat stress and mental exhaustion through body-based techniques that regulate the nervous system

Becoming HumanFirst

Explore ideas for how to make your workplace healthier, happier and more human

Finding Focus

Increase productivity and reduce distractions by understanding how attention/awareness works


Partnership Programs

Build A HumanFirst Culture

A human-centred employee engagement program

Different from traditional employee engagement strategy or tactics, the HumanFirst program invites employees in to the process of building culture & wellbeing at their organisation. Rather than being governed or told what to do, employees are given a seat at the table and a chance to co-create ideas together. This is a uniquely inclusive approach that has been proven to deliver incredible results in employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Following HumanFirst guidelines, our program ensures all voices are heard and culture & wellbeing is built from the ground up.


Custom Wellbeing Programs

For organisations who want healthy, happy, connected humans at work

Together we explore current engagement, culture or wellbeing issues through a human lens. This means looking at the way human dynamics play out in the workplace, what is working or not working and what is needed to create more ease and flow for people in your specific workplace. We deliver a customised approach to employee wellbeing that embeds human values at the heart of your organisation.


Private Coaching for Employees

Private coaching sessions help employees raise issues they may be experiencing at work, share ideas/feedback and receive guidance on improving their workplace experience. Through the use of a neutral third party coach, employees are invited to open up and share their true feelings in a safe and intimate container. Types of issues we trouble-shoot in these sessions:

  • Boss/manager relationships

  • Workload & time management

  • Burnout/fatigue

  • Specific project-based issues

  • Colleague relationships

  • Career progression

Employees receive a list of actions post-session to address their specific issues. Feedback is also provided to management. This opens up a dialogue and invites employees to resolve niggling issues, rather than dwelling on it or letting it affect their work.


Becoming HumanFirst means creating the conditions for people to show up authentically and connect with each other on a human level



Sydney, NSW, Australia

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