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For organisations who desire a bespoke wellbeing program that will have lasting impact

Together we explore current engagement, culture or wellbeing issues through a human lens. This means looking honestly at what is working and what is not working, why people are happy or unhappy and what is needed to create more ease and flow in the workplace. We deliver a customised approach that embeds human values at the centre of your organisation.


For organisations experiencing high stress levels and requiring emotional & mental support for employees

Our approach is to address the root cause of the experience of stress and work with the nervous system. This includes learning how to self-regulate and balance emotions in challenging or high-stress situations. Employees are equipped with powerful tools to bring clarity, balance and a sense of ease to their working day. Learning these techniques empowers people to understand their own behaviours better and learn how to relate to and engage with others in a more huamncentred way


For organisations who want to strengthen bonds between employees and create genuine connection

When we get to know our colleagues on a personal level, we begin to see them as human not just their job title. We expand our sense of empathy and develop a deeper understanding of them as an individual. This brings us closer, creating authentic connections that make working together more natural. The HumanFirst approach focuses on discovering our shared humanity which paves the way for true connection and easier workplace dynamics.


For organisations who want to adopt a human-centred approach to culture & wellbeing

Different from traditional employee engagement strategy or tactics, the HumanFirst program is a unique approach that invites employees in to the process, giving them a seat at the table and a say in how to improve culture & wellbeing at their company. This is an inclusive approach that has been proven to deliver incredible results in employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Through a structured program and series of workshops, our system ensures all voices are heard and culture & wellbeing is built from the ground up.


Becoming HumanFirst means acknowledging the humans who run your organisation and setting up a supportive ecosystem with our shared humanity in mind