Team Coaching & Mentoring

We work directly with teams to integrate a HumanFirst approach to the way they operate. By stepping in between management & the team we create a neutral space where employees can voice their feedback, issues resolved and new frameworks integrated. This leads to greater productivity, creativity and innovation in a more human, connected team environment.  



Our unique model creates a "middleman" between teams & management so that internal issues can be explored & resolved in a neutral space. The coaching process ensures every employee is heard & validated and provides a framework for teams to work together in a more human way.


Proven formula

Our formula has been tested at multiple organisations and the HumanFirst™ approach has become a proven winner 

Relieve pressure on management

Managers time is freed up, as we step in as an external party to mentor & coach your team in becoming HumanFirst™

Honest feedback

Creating a "middleman" between teams & management creates a neutral space for employees to voice concerns and be honest about their issues

Personalised approach

This is not a one-size-fits-all coaching program - it is delivered in a 1:1 format that is tailored to your needs


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